What is time travel?

It is the ability to be able to put your whole being in a different time, a different place, at will.

Is time travel physical?

It depends upon how you view the present, how you view reality. If your understanding is that quantum mechanics compromises reality, that we may well live in a hologram, a virtual reality, then that compromises the sense that time travel is physical. If our reality is an illusion then it is perfectly conceivable that time travel may well be an illusion – it’s a possibility.

So how else can we travel back in time?

We already do, in our minds. Our mind can recreate an illusion, a non physical state, as real as anything you encounter in the so called ‘real world.’ A piece of music can transport you back in time to an event, one upon which your feelings are as real as anything in the present moment. Moreover you can replicate that moment, time and time again, within seconds of a familiar piece of music.

Is time just an illusion?

It might well be. What if time is just the process of actions continually revolving in a singularity? Imagine the universe as a singularity. Always the same, it’s just that the components rearrange. Could it be that outside of our universe, observing, the whole of our existence is a mere second. The concept of time elapsing, as we experience it taking place, is nothing but an instant. If we squash time to a nothingness, a millisecond upon which our whole history evolved, then time would not exist within the expanse with which we experience it. Time may well be an illusion in which case a memory would be an illusionary step back in time; a time which doesn’t exist.

Time travel?

An illusion created by the rearrangement of sub atomic particles, which at the sub atomic level are senseless. We create time as an illusion to make sense of our very existence. Keep listening to the music and travel back in time at will, that is time travel as we can comprehend it, at least for this moment in time.