So there we have it, it’s official, the news channels announce that black holes burp once they consumed all in its path.

I’m sceptical. I have read that Black Holes were devised to rectify a mathematical problem in Einsteins ‘theory of relativity’. The event horizon and all that, merely a mathematical solution, as I understand it.The problem seems to be with aligning quantum mechanics with Einsteins theory of relativity, they are simply not cohesive.

The Electric Universe, loosely  based on a theory that our universe is filled with plasma, negates the need for black holes. Moreover, can replicate what happens out there in the cosmos in a laboratory! Check it out!

Another interesting conclusion I drew from reading articles on this subject is that research into the ‘Black Hole’ phenomena is huge. Funding would be withdrawn if the new kid on the block, The ‘Electric Universe’ principle, trumped the ‘Black Hole’ model. Too costly to the Black Hole theorists so the best option is to debunk other theories or ensure they don’t get enough exposure in the main science journals!! There is evidence that this might be the case.

All interesting stuff and a healthy debate.