When was bitcoin created?

The first ever Bitcoin transaction was on 03/01/2009. It followed the banking crisis in 2008. The creator of Bitcoin goes under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It was in fact an unknown person – or a group of unknown people, who created its original reference implementation which included the creation of the Blockchain. What is weird is that whoever or whatever created Bitcoin seems to have possessed some inhuman computing protocol.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency. Similar to gold, upon which a countries wealth is based, there are only a limited number of bitcoins which can be mined, by using the processing power of a computer.

What is Blockchain?

Well if you say currency is physical, like the dollar or the British pound, then a bank account would be considered the vehicle for moving money around, without the need to deal in the physical movement of money. When you transfer funds from one account to another it is in effect a digital movement of value. The Blockchain acts as the account upon which the digital movement of Bitcoin can be achieved.

What is mining?

It is a piece of software, used to solve mathematical problems and find bitcoin, distribute it, as well as validate each and every transaction. Miners are essential to the structure, policing and security to make bitcoin and the Blockchain function.

What is different about bitcoin?

One of the differences between Bitcoin and ordinary currency is that you can move it anywhere in the world within seconds. Normal banking movement of money can take days to transfer e.g. by BACS, is slow and it costs money to move it. Not only that but every bitcoin transaction is embedded in code within the Blockchain. It can be seen by everyone, it is secure and each and every transaction has a legal certification encoded into the Blockchain.

Why could Bitcoin be created by Artificial Intelligence?

The computers and data needed to make the Blockchain work is worrying. If you were to take the top 500 super computers worldwide, Bitcoin and blockchain are 200 times more powerful. 

A famous hacker called Dan Kaminsky, who effectively found a fundamental floor in the software that runs our internet, was sure he could find errors in the bitcoin code by hacking it. There was no one more qualified. However, whatever he tried failed with a message saying ‘Attack Removed.’ It was as if the computer code was intelligent enough to know every possible method to try to hack the system. Every system has some element of human error – except Bitcoin; all rather frightening!!

How could this effect our world?

Consider how best to take over our species. Would it be by nuclear conquest or would be by controlling the worlds finances? What if Bitcoin, which appeared out of nowhere, was the work of a super Artificial Intelligence? What if that super Artificial Intelligence was not human? Could cryptocurrency be the way an alien source might control our species?

Have we taken our eye off the target by continually looking up to the sky for flying saucers when aliens are more likely to infiltrate our internet?

You control the internet by using super computers; there are none more powerful than those mining bitcoin and no human can fully work out the advanced coding behind the Blockchain.

Blockchain – artificial intelligence, alien intelligence or just some super clever group of humans? You decide.

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