How do you fancy a double of yourself? A self-aware digital copy, identical in every way, locked into the cloud.

You might be surprised to know that the technology already exists. Almost 40,000 people have already signed up to a website called lured by the tagline ‘Simply become immortal.’

So, here’s how this kind of technology might work. It will recreate you, on a computer, based on the photo album in your mobile phone; listening to phone calls to see how you interact with friends and family; reading your social media postings etc. This prototype will use artificial intelligent to mimic your personality, your voice and your traits. Based on historic social media activity, browsing your history of purchases, monitoring your interests, blogs you may have read, old videos etc. it will recreate you, even store memories.

This duplicate of you will even be able to answer your phone calls as you, more worryingly, access your social media accounts and pose as you without anyone knowing the difference.

That could cause some issues, for example when your other half asks ‘I don’t suppose you know anything about the 49 inch, curved, 4K UHD smart TV with HDR that’s just been delivered by Amazon?’ and you answer ‘Not me love. It’s my alter ego, honest!’

Where this potential technology gets rather sinister is continuing to be you, after your death. Those close family members who cannot accept your demise can continue to have a family relationship with your artificial self. Your alter ego could outlive many generations. There might be a robot of you wandering aimlessly around a futuristic Earth, a thousand years from now. ‘The Simpsons’ in 3018, could be interesting!!

What about the possibility of creating a holographic image of you, in your living room? That’s seems the obvious next stage. So, when that boring relative or family friend turns up unexpectedly, the alter ego comes to the rescue. You know what? I am liking this idea already.

How about this as a concept? Clone the alter ego of some of the greats. Elvis Presley for example, have your friends around to listen to Elvis sing. How about dinner with Al Pacino. Anthony Hopkins perhaps? – maybe not ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and all that. How much would you pay for an interactive, real life hologram? The choice is endless;  Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Robert Redford, Einstein,  Charles Darwin, maybe even Oliver Reed – now that would be an experience!!

Who would you invite into your living room?

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